Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review on Masters Degree Online Program from Ellis University

1. Study at KISMEC.

Free Course
Allowance up to 500 per month (INSEP & WTTP).
Hostel provided.

Please contact:
KISMEC, 126, Jalan PKNK 1/1, Kaw. Perindustrian Sungai Petani, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah. TEL 04-4414619 FAX 04-442-7653

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One of reputable university providing Masters Degree Online is Ellis University. Ellis University was founded in 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Their objective is providing working professional students with a quality education in an online format that convenient to their schedule. Ellis was also had granted national (DETC) and regional (HLC) accreditation in 2008. Ellis University is dedicated to the development and implementation of timely relevant courses that provide students with a solid foundation on which to build their current or future career.

The Ellis University Masters Degree Online program gives you the skills, insight and real-world experiences needed to excel in today's fastest growing fields. Ellis's Masters Degree Online program will give you a strong competitive edge by providing the expertise, advanced thought-processes and credentials which employers demand from their top prospects.

It is an online program. They have some good criteria for you to earn your Masters Degree Online from this university. Their Masters Degree Online courses are created specifically for the online environment, providing the flexibility, instruction and interaction required to enliven your entire collegiate experience. In addition, the Masters Degree Online program is uniquely designed to optimize accessibility and achievability for both distance-learning students and busy professionals looking to gain insight from today's top experts.

Ellis University’s Masters Degree Online courses are developed to conveniently fit into your busy schedule, making it easy to enjoy all the rewards that come from earning an advanced degree from a respected University. Besides to its esteemed MBA Programs, Ellis University offers the following Masters Degree:

1. College of Arts and Sciences
 MA Communication Arts - Advertising & Public Relations
 MS - Computer Science

2. College of Behavioral Sciences
 MS Human Resource Management & Labor Relations
Specializations in:
• Human Resource Management
• Labor Relations

3. College of Business
 MBA - General and Specializations
 MS - Management

4.College of Education
 Master of Science in Instructional Technology
Specializations in:
• Trainers
 Master of Arts in Teaching
Thesis Track
Specializations in:
• Early Childhood Education
• Teacher as Leader

If you read my previous articles titled “7 Tips Before You Enrole Masters Degree Online Program”, I seriously touch on Accreditation of the Masters Degree Online program, the university reputation, the flexibility of the Masters Degree Online program, easy access to the program, friendly user of their Masters Degree Online tools, reasonable fee and the duration of the Masters Degree Online program. All the 7 criteria you can found in Ellis University. You can consider to enroll Masters Degree Online program from this university. However, do not forget to check with the Accreditation Body in your country.

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